Stone Care

Maintaining and Cleaning your Bench Top

Clean your top with a wet microfiber cloth and clean water. Dry the surface with a soft cloth. Do not use products such as bleach, abrasive cleaners or any product containing silicone.

Do not stand or put excessive weight on your bench top. Always avoid rapid and extreme temperature changes on your surface. It is advisable to always use trivet or protecting board when placing any hot items on your bench top. As with any stone surface, if acidic,coloured or oil based products are left on your bench top for any period of time, there is a chance of discolouration or marking. If a spillage or mark of this type occurs, clean it up immediately.

This guide will ensure your investment retains its quality and appeal for many years to come.

We are confident you will enjoy your investment, and thank you for choosing PSPStonecraft.